Dreumex Alu Cleaner 5 liters x 4 pieces

Dreumex Alu Cleaner 5 liters x 4 pieces
ART: D00020004
Dreumex Alu Cleaner is a detergent specially developed for the removal of corrosion and limescale deposits on aluminum, without damaging other metals or paintwork. Dreumex Alu Cleaner is applied by hand from bottom to top and then rinsed away with clean water. Note: do not use Dreumex Alu Cleaner for anodised aluminum, like wheel rims. Features - product advantages: Extremely suited to the cleaning of corrosion and limescale residues, gentle on metal and paint, powerful cleaning action and quick-acting - pH value: < 1 - only available by 4 pieces = 1 carton
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